Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Motorists hit 180km/h near Newcastle to conjure ghost of dead motorcyclist

It is quite an insane story for these days but there are still exist some superstitious motorists who believe that if they speeding up to 180km/h in Lemon Tree Passage road, they can have the chance to see a ghostly bright light believed to be the spirit of a 20-year old motorcyclist killed in a crash with a speeding driver around the area about 3 years ago. Surprisingly, they used that as an excuse to speed up. They even interested to get the footage of it for YouTube. The video posted so far only show a clearly visible bright light which sometimes near or far away from the car that driving at dangerous speed. But the source of the light is unclear. To clear up things, the police commented on the situation that the only light that they could possibly see when they speed up is the red and blue lights of a police car!

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